Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

Discussion: Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man
Action Figure

Still does what a spider can. Pretty much.

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Released: Fall 2012
Retail Price: $15.99

One of my first articles here at Comic Book Critic was about Ultimate Spider-Man and how much I ended up liking Miles Morales as Spidey. So, imagine my surprise when walking down my local Wal-Mart’s toy aisle and seeing this:

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

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Why Marvel Comics’ Silver Age is Popular

Why Marvel’s Silver Age is Popular

Marvel Silver Age logo
In the comic book industry, the Silver Age refers to a particularly successful time in comic book production. Between 1950 and 1970, comic books gained major commercial and critical success in America. Today, these now vintage items are extremely valuable for collectors, store buyers and comic book enthusiasts. There’s many reasons why Silver Age comics are heavily sought after and popular amongst the masses. For Marvel, comic book industry pioneers, their Silver Age introduced unforgettable characters and stories to popular culture.

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The Superior Spider-Man – An Alien?

Could The Superior Spider-Man
be Alien in origin?

Today, Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) tweeted out a link to his Tumblr page that showcases his cover art for “The Superior Spider-Man”.  I’m a big fan of Stegman’s work from his time on Scarlet Spider and think this is a perfect fit for him. 

In an interview with writer Dan Slott, over at USA Today, Dan describes the new Peter Parker as darker and should no longer be considered a ‘friendly neighborhood’ Spider-Man.  To reiterate his point, the first story arc is titled: “Hero or Menace?”Superior Spider-Man #1

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September 25th is National Comic Book Day!

September 25th
is National Comic Book Day!


If you’ve never read a comic book… what’s stopping you?


Comic books have been around for over 100 years with, "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck" published by Switzerland’s Rudolphe Töpffer in 1837. Since then we have seen everything from colorful characters, super heroes and talking animals. They’ve explored new planets, saved this one, and even crossed over into alternate realities. 

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Avengers top the pull list for many readers and collectors as they have spawned movies that have generated billions of dollars and reached out to those who have never considered buying a comic book. Odds are, if you’ve never spent four dollars on a comic book, you have spent almost twenty on a ticket to a 3D showing of a movie about one. 

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