C2E2 2011 Cosplay Images

You can always count on several things at a comic book and entertainment expo: industry pros, dealers, discussion panels, and the ever present cosplayers. I’ve rounded up some images from Comic vine, acomicbookblog, and IGN to display here.

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5541467445 c4b1741ce1 z
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5541468641 40b6332ba6 z
5541468797 90e63e8873 z
5541469319 61e31c7c57 z
5541469491 455af626cd z
5541471365 7c93ff5500 z
5541472523 098fa6ee7e z
5541474017 02cf41baa2 z
5541474101 3e2d876689 z
5541474905 9dd046ae23 z
5541475019 8034e36913 z
5542047294 fb4573e58b z
c2e2 cosplay blowout 20110319100010845
1727959 dsc 0015 super
1727979 bdsc 0038 super
5542048622 019ddc7e72 z
5542050274 6afc7fe382 z
5542052838 4a899e9881 z
5542051306 29bf182336 z
5542053112 e0e4e2f597 z
5542053436 c105ba1d18 z
5542053590 56c1b8a504 z
5542054986 e4523595ce z

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