Now You Can Change Into Your Favorite Hero With Alter Ego T-Shirts

Marvel & DC Superhero Alter Ego Baselayer From Under Armour®


UA_Logo-OGToday Under Armour® has released a brand new line of high performance Marvel & DC superhero T-shirts – Alter Ego Baselayer.

These compression shirts come in seven different styles that range all the way up to 3XL – Superman (Blue & Red), Superman (Black), Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, and The Hulk. I think they all look great!

Comic books have been permeating the mass consciousness with feature films, TV series, and even Broadway plays, now they take another step into the limelight with performance workout apparel.

If you’re exercising, working out, playing sports, or protecting a secret identity, you might want to wear one of these. Of course if you want to keep the identity secret, maybe wear it UNDER another piece of clothing.

Just sayin’. 

Now I just need the leggings and I’m all set!

Here’s a look at the shirts:

Superman (Blue & Red)



Superman (Black)



Iron Man









Captain America



The Hulk



– The Comic Book Critic

All images are copyright of Marvel Comics & DC Entertainment.
Images courtesy of Under Armour®


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