Preview: Lantern City #1 by Jenkins, Daley, & Magno

Lantern City #1 Preview (Archaia)

Lantern City #1


Here’s a short preview of Lantern City #1, a steampunk adventure by writers Paul Jenkins & Matthew Daley and artist Carlos Magno, on sale May 13th, 2015 from Archaia Entertainment.


Lantern City #1

Authors: Paul Jenkins & Matthew Daley
Artist: Carlos Magno

Imprint: Archaia

What’s to Love: From the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells to comics like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Lady Mechanika, the detailed and imagination-fueled steampunk movement has excited fans worldwide. Set in an original, sprawling steampunk world, Lantern City explores everything we love about the genre and what it takes to change a person’s place in the world.

What It Is: Sander Jorve just wants to keep his wife and son safe. Living in the brutalized lower class of Lantern City means living in near constant darkness, the enormous walls of the city always looming overhead, while the upper class enjoys the elevated, interconnected towers and airships above. When Sander’s brother-in-law, the persuasive activist Kendal, convinces him to infiltrate the brutal ranks of the Guard, he’s set on a dangerous path that will test his abilities and beliefs, all in the name of making a difference for his family and his caste.

Lantern City #1 Cover ALantern City #1 Cover BLantern City #1 Cover B - JackpotLantern City #1 Cover C - Ten YearsLantern City #1 Cover D - VariantLantern City #1 Cover E - Unlocked VariantLantern City #1 Preview 1Lantern City #1 Preview 2Lantern City #1 Preview 3Lantern City #1 Preview 4Lantern City #1 Preview 5Lantern City #1 Preview 6

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