Preview: Lucy Dreaming #2 by Bemis & Dialynas (BOOM!)

Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview (BOOM!)

Lucy Dreaming #2


Here’s a 5-page preview of Lucy Dreaming #2, part of a 5-issue miniseries by writer Max Bemis and artist Michael Dialynas, on sale April 18th, 2018 from BOOM! Studios.


Lucy Dreaming #2 (of 5)

Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas
Letterer: Colin Bell


Lucy dreams herself into the world of the dystopian novel that’s currently all the rage at her school—but instead of being the hero, she’s the villain of this particular story.


Price: $3.99
Publisher: BOOM! Studios


Lucy Dreaming #2 CoverLucy Dreaming #2 Preview 1Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview 2Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview 3Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview 4Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview 5Lucy Dreaming #2 Preview 6

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