Preview: Proxima Centauri #1 by Farel Dalrymple (Image)

Proxima Centauri #1 Preview (Image)

Proxima Centauri #1



Here’s a short preview of Proxima Centauri #1, a 6-issue miniseries by creator Farel Dalrymple, on sale June 13th, 2018 from Image Comics.



Writer / Artist / Cover: Farel Dalrymple



4.243 light-years from Earth, the teenage wizard adventurer Sherwood Breadcoat is stuck in the confounding spectral zone on the manufactured dimensional sphere, Proxima Centauri, looking for escape and a way back to his brother while dealing with his confusing emotions, alien creatures, and all sorts of unknown, fantastic dangers. In this issue The Scientist H. Duke sends Sherwood on a salvage mission and gives counsel to the troubled boy in his charge.

PROXIMA CENTAURI will be six issues of PSYCHEDELIC SCIENCE FANTASY ACTION COMIC BOOK DRAMA starring Sherwood Breadcoat, “The Scientist” Duke Herzog, Dr. EXT the Time Traveler, the ghost M. Parasol, Shakey the Space Wizard, and Dhog Dahog.


U.S. Cover Price: $3.99
Published: June 13, 2018
Diamond ID: APR180475
Age Rating: T+


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