Review: Fear Itself #1 (Marvel Comics)

Fear Itself #1Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Stuart Immonen

Colorist: Laura Martin

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Editor: Lauren Sankovitch, Tom Brevoort

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Date: June 2011

Cover Price: $3.99


Fear Itself is Marvel’s Big Event miniseries of the Spring. Not to be contained in a seven issue series, the storyline will affect several Marvel Universe titles throughout the spring/summer 2011.

Sin, the current Red Skull, found her father’s Journal that contained the whereabouts of a mysterious, but all-powerful weapon that was hidden away a long time ago. She will stop at nothing to get that weapon in her hands and upon wielding the weapon, she is transformed once again.

Meanwhile Tony Stark and the Avengers are looking to build a New Asgard on Earth. Not only will it help the Asgardians, but seek to rebuild the local economy by promising everyone in the neighboring town jobs. A town that was rocked when the Gods’ home came crashing to earth. But that doesn’t sit well with Odin, The All-Father.

But lurking beneath the ocean lies a powerful foe bound by old magic that seeks to destroy everything. Heimdall senses the disturbance and warns the Asgardians. Will they help save the Earth or will they just turn their backs on humanity?

Fear Itself: The Serpent is the intro to what I see as an action packed series. Matt Fraction sets up the story rather well in this issue; it’s a good balance of exposition and action. It builds the anticipation of greater things to come in the run. Stuart Immonen does his usual great job at illustrating the story. I don’t think he’s capable of doing a bad job, as far as I’ve been following him.

While, to me at least,  Fear Itself has all the ingredients of a lead-in to a ‘Ragnarok’ storyline, I hope Matt Fraction gives it a fresh spin. I’ve read Walt Simonson’s Thor run and I don’t think anyone can touch what he did on that series. It’s still early, but I hope this story goes in the right direction.

– The Comic Book Critic

Comic Book Critic Rating: 6.5


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