Review: Wolverine #6 (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine #6Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Daniel Acuña

Letterer: Cory Petit

Designer: Jared K. Fletcher

Editor: Jody Lehuep, Jeanine Schaefer, Nick Lowe

Cover: Jae Lee with June Chung

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Date: April 2011

Cover Price: $3.99


Nearly killing Colossus, a demonically possessed Wolverine is dragged off by Mystique and the Ghost Riders where they meet Son of Satan and Melita Garner to try to exorcise the demon. It doesn’t work exactly as they had planned. That leads into this first part of a three issue story arc ‘Wolverine vs. The X-Men.’

Weeks ago, Cyclops, afraid of what might happen if the demon inside Wolverine is victorious in overtaking ‘the most dangerous mutant alive,’  devised a fail-safe protocol in order to take down Wolverine in that event. His plan requires the involvement of Namor, Magneto, and himself for it to be effective.

In San Francisco, Hellstorm tells Cyclops that the demon is too entrenched inside Wolverine and it’s up to Logan to expel it. Logan is on his own in his fight to ward off the demon inside him.

When it seems like Wolverine is too far gone and the evil inside him has taken over, Cyclops has to make the call. Does he initiate the fail-safe protocol, thereby killing a friend and hero, or does he wait until it’s too late?

Jason Aaron does a fine job at writing a good Wolverine story. There are a lot of characters involved in this story and they all interact with each other as you would expect. There’s the usual tension among the alpha males as well. The dialog seems to be slightly uneven at times though. There’s a lot of serious talk throughout the issue, but there are funny lines that seem out of place. When Emma Frost utters “God, I think I threw up inside my head.”, it didn’t sound right. Don’t get me wrong, I like funny stuff in my comics,  it just seemed forced in the mood of the story.

I like Daniel Acuña’s art style, and for the most part he did a good job in his layouts. Although I had a big problem with his line work. In the majority of the issue there were no line work backgrounds – they were all colored in. Also the detail in his art fluctuated heavily, from some nicely detailed pages to some pages where major characters in the background didn’t even have drawn faces.  Even Cyclops looks slightly different at the start than he does by the end of the book. The art just seemed rushed for this book – the layouts were there, but the details were not.

Overall, despite it’s flaws, it was an enjoyable start to a three issue arc that I’m sure will hold quite a bit of action.

– The Comic Book Critic

Comic Book Critic Rating: 6.5


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