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Classic Comic Book Advertisements

Classic Comic Book Advertisements! It seems as though all of the advertising, that fill up the comics I’ve been reading lately, are just slick ads that are made up of a single full page image...


Comic Book Tattoo Gallery

Comic Book Related Tattoos! It’s been a while since we’ve compiled some comic book tattoos. We scoured the web and found that we’d missed quite a few cool ones last time around. So here is...


Great Comic Book Tattoos

Great Comic Book Tattoos! People often have passions for many things in life and when something speaks out to them, it’s not uncommon to want to immortalize it. One way to show how their passion...


Sexy Female Costumes Based on Male Superheroes

Even though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sexy costumes for women to wear to Halloween or costume parties, there are always male-to-female conversions of superhero costumes. Sometimes they look decent, but more often...

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