Webble Cospaint Features Aspen Comics in Trading Card Kickstarter

Webble Cospaint Launches Trading Card Kickstarter featuring Aspen Comics

Webble Cospaint Apen Comics

Webble Cospaint has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an Aspen Comics trading card set featuring popular cosplayers such as Leaanna Vamp, Ani-Mia, Jenifer Ann, Rosanna Rocha, & Heather 1337.


Press Release

Webble Cospaint, the first trading card series featuring the biggest names in cosplay, has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their second series of cospaint trading cards exclusively featuring Aspen Comics characters, including Michael Turner creations Aspen Matthews (Fathom), Kiani (Fathom), Grace of the Rhatumi (Soulfire), Executive Assistant Iris, and more.

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Preview: Fathom Annual #1 (Aspen)

Fathom Annual #1 Preview

Fathom Annual #1

Here’s a three page preview of the first ever Fathom Annual #1 by David Wohl, Nei Ruffino, Vince Hernandez, Dennis Calero, and Jordan Gunderson, courtesy of Aspen Comics – on sale June 18th, 2014.



David Wohl, Nei Ruffino, Vince Hernandez – Story
Dennis Calero, Nei Ruffino, Jordan Gunderson – Art

Michael Turner’s FATHOM returns!

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Damsels in Excess #1 by Vince Hernandez Debuts in July 2014 From Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics Debuts New Fairy Tale Adventure Series Damsels in Excess This July

Damsels in Excess #1

Aspen Comics’ second all-new original series, Damsels in Excess #1, created by Vince Hernandez, will debut on July 23rd, 2014. Below are several covers available for the first issue.


Press Release

Aspen Comics will be releasing their second all-new original series of 2014 this July 23rd, with the fairy tale adventure series, Damsels in Excess. Created and written by Vince Hernandez (Fathom: Kiani, Charismagic) and featuring artwork by Mirka Andolfo (Chaos!) and Simone Di Meo, this new property stars five princesses struggling to hold power over the Five Realms, a land cursed with the extinction of man. Creator Hernandez states:

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Aspen Comics July 2014 Solicitations

Aspen Comics July 2014 Solicitations


Here are the complete Aspen Comics solicitations for the month of July 2014. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



Vince Hernandez – Story / Mirka Andolfo – Art

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

In the land of the Five Realms, the existence of men has long since been evaporated from the hearts and minds of women. Princess Bethany–ruler of Evanfar, the largest and most prominent kingdom, finds herself at the center of a vast conspiracy that could not only threaten her kingdom—but also her life! Journey to a place where magic is abundant, unicorns and ferrets can command armies, and five women struggle to find balance—and power–in an ever-changing fairy tale world!

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LOLA XOXO #1 by Siya Oum Debuts In April From Aspen

Lola XOXO #1 Debuts From Aspen

Lola XOXO #1


Lola XOXO #1 with story and art by Siya Oum debuts on April 9th as Aspen Comics’ first property of 2014. Have a look at the four different covers to Lola XOXO #1 below.



Story & Art: Siya Oum ­

Aspen’s newest hit series debuts!

In the ‘Wasteland’, Lola, a young woman with a resolve fortified by a
lifetime of survival on her own, must journey across the nuclear-decimated
United States in order to find the family that was taken from her! As her
quest for the truth begins, Lola uncovers the true inhumanity of the
Apocalypse, as those who seek to hold power in a new frontier, will do so at
all bloody costs‹including her life!

Aspen is proud to bring you artist Siya Oum’s highly anticipated new series!
Sure to be one of 2014’s most exciting debuts, LOLA XOXO is ready to take
you on an incredible adventure unlike any other!

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Preview: All New Soulfire #1 by J.T. Krul and V. Ken Morton

Preview of All New Soulfire #1 (Aspen)

All New Soulfire #1

Here’s a short preview of All New Soulfire #1 by writer J.T. Krul and artist V. Ken Morton, courtesy of Aspen Comics – on sale November 13th, 2013.



JT Krul ­ Story / V. Ken Marion ­ Art / Kyle Ritter – Colors

Aspen’s final Œ”10 for 10” series makes its red-hot debut!

In the future, technology is everywhere, but there’s a greater source of power and wonder now out there – magic! After saving the world from the destructive force of chaos itself, Malikai and his friends try to return to a life of normalcy. PJ is determined to be Benoist’s heir in the battle arena, where cybernetic technology rules the day. Malikai is just happy to be with Sonia again, yet he can’t help see that Grace is still haunted by the scars of the past.

Meanwhile, a secret danger grows in the shadows between magic and technology, and it has a name – RAINIER! Don’t miss this exciting premiere issue of the ALL NEW SOULFIRE!

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Preview: All New Fathom #3 by David Wohl and Alex Konat

All New Fathom #3 Preview

All New Fathom #3

Here’s a short preview of All New Fathom #3 by David Wohl, Alex Konat, and Mark Roslan courtesy of Aspen Comics – on sale October 30th, 2013.



David Wohl ­ Story / Alex Konat ­ Art / Beth Sotelo, John Starr ­ Colors / Josh Reed – Letters

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins!

Aspen Matthews attempts to return to a normal life with her fellow humans
after turning down the Blue’s pleas for help. However, the ice queen Vana
and her deadly minions step up their machinations with a devastating attack
on the surface world. Yet, the biggest surprise may be the return of one of
Fathom’s most instrumental characters–and someone that shares a painful
past with Aspen!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once
again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner¹s most beloved

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