Demonic #1 Coming to Image Comics in August 2016


Demonic #1

The dark new series from Image/Skybound Entertainment


Created by Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri, Demonic #1 by writer Christopher Sebela & artist Niko Walter, will debut on August 17th, 2016 from Image Comics.

Here’s a short first look inside Demonic #1!

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A Peek At Rise of The Magi #0 by Marc Silvestri and Sumeyye Kesgin (FCBD)



A dark fantasy story exclusively for Free Comic Book Day


Here’s an early look at art from Rise of the Magi #0 by Marc Silvestri & Sumeyye Kesgin from Image Comics, available exclusively as a Free Comic Book Day comic on May 2nd, 2014.


Press Release

The world as we know it is at risk because the world we don’t see—the one that makes ours possible—is on the brink of destruction. From Top Cow Productions, Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, WITCHBLADE, CYBER FORCE), founder and partner at Image Comics, and artist Sumeyye Kesgin present a new fantasy adventure series set in both the worlds—magical and mundane—in which we live.

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CYBERFORCE #6 From Top Cow Only $2.99 Due To Crowd-Funded Support



Comics Legend Marc Silvestri Builds on Crowd-Funded Support of Fans


Recently, Top Cow Productions were able to resurrect CYBERFORCE and bring the first five issues to market for free due to support from their Kickstarter campaign.

Fans demanded more issues, so Cyberforce #6 will hit the market on September 18th, 2013 with a price tag of only $2.99.


Press Release

Cybernetic freedom fighters defend civilization from evil corporations and their takeover of the world in CYBERFORCE. Written and created by Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, Uncanny X-Men), with art by Marco Turini, colors by Andy Troy (Astonishing X-Men), and finishes by digital wizard Stjepan Sejic (RAVINE, THE DARKNESS: THE DEATH OF JACKIE ESTACADO), CYBERFORCE #6 marks a landmark issue for the series and the beginning of a new story arc. CYBERFORCE launched with a record-setting promotion that gave readers the first five issues for free, making issue 6 the first issue in the series to cost anything, offered at the affordable price of $2.99.

Thanks to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, TOP COW PRODUCTIONS, INC., and their loyal and amazing fans were able to raise enough money to resurrect the CYBERFORCE franchise. As a result, the first five issues of CYBERFORCE were sent to retailers all across the world to give away for free. Nothing like this had been done in comic book history, and as a result, fans have clamored for more. Issue 6, due in September, brings an end to the free promotion, but Silvestri trusts that the first five issues and the strength of this new story are enough incentive for readers to keep going.

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Marc Silvestri Provides Exclusive Art For Emerald City Comic Con 2012


Press Release

Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Image Comics invite you to join them from March 30th through April 1st at the 10th annual Emerald City ComiCon (ECCC) held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.

Special Guest and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri provides this year’s ECCC program guide cover, which features iconic characters from each of the current Image partners. Witchblade, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk and Invincible crouch atop the iconic Space Needle in an homage to the classic King Kong scene. Silvestri penciled and inked the incredibly detailed image and Sunny Gho of IFS provided the colors. 

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Preview: Incredible Hulk #1 by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri


In October, Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri take the reigns of The Incredible Hulk. Billed by Marvel as “the biggest, baddest, most Incredible Hulk ever,” Banner and The Hulk are split into two separate beings and that leads to a huge Banner vs Hulk battle.

Incredible Hulk #1, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Marc Silvestri, is available at comics shops on Wednesday October 26th, 2011 at a cover price of $3.99.

Here we have a preview of the first six pages from Incredible Hulk #1.

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Incredible Hulk #1 by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri – December 2011

Incredible Hulk #1 2011

Back in May 2011, Marvel announced the end of Greg Pak’s run on Incredible Hulks and the cancellation of the title. Like most Marvel titles lately, all you have to do is wait a few months and they’ll come back as a newly numbered series with a fresh creative team. This time it’s The Incredible Hulk #1 written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Marc Silvestri due out in December 2011.

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