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Thor 2 Set For Summer 2013 Release

The sequel to Thor has been officially announced by Disney. Thor 2 is slated for a July 26, 2013 release with Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Thor. Although the first film was directed by...


Review: Iceman & Angel #1 (Marvel)

Writer: Brian Clevinger Penciller: Juan Doe Inker: Juan Doe Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry Cover: Roger Cruz Editor: Sebastian Girner Marvel Comics – May 2011 – $2.99 “Behold, GOOM, The Thing from Planet X” is one of...


Review: Fear Itself: Book of the Skull #1 (Marvel)

Writer: Ed Brubaker Pencillers: Scot Eaton Inkers: Mark Morales Colorist: Sunny Gho Letterer: Joe Caramagna Cover: Marko Djurdjevic Associate editor: Lauren Sankovitch Editor: Tom Brevoort Marvel Comics – May 2011 – $3.99 This book is...


#Whiletheylive Wednesday #1 – Gene Colan

Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing, started a Twitter initiative called “While They Live Wednesday” in response to the sudden passing away of comics professional Dwayne McDuffie. McDuffie was a young, talented, and...

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