Preview: Shadowman #5 Introducing Dr. Mirage

DR. MIRAGE Lives Again in SHADOWMAN #5

Shadowman #5

Press Release

The Associated Press today announced that Dr. Mirage, Valiant’s preeminent psychic investigator and supernatural hero, will debut this Wednesday in Shadowman #5 in a new incarnation created by writer Justin Jordan and co-writer/artist Patrick Zircher

In this new iteration, Dr. Mirage is the stage name of Shan Fong, a one-time television investigator of paranormal phenomena whose unique abilities make her an invaluable asset to police departments around the world. During the upcoming “Darque Reckoning” storyline – beginning on March 6th in Shadowman #5 – Fong steps into the world of Jack Boniface and the Shadowman after discovering that no matter where she goes, the dead only have one thing to say: “Master Darque is coming.”

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