First Look at Spider-Woman #1 by Hopeless & Land

Jessica Drew Unleashed! Your First Look at SPIDER-WOMAN #1!

Spider-Woman #1

Here’s your first look at Spider-Woman #1, a new ongoing series by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land, on sale November 19th, 2014 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

This November, launching directly out of Spider-Verse comes a brand-new ongoing series starring the original Spider-Woman! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SPIDER-WOMAN #1, the new ongoing series from the critically acclaimed creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land!

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First Look: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 – Meet Gwen Stacy

Meet Gwen Stacy – Spider-Woman!
Your First Look at EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2!

Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Here’s your first look at a few pages from Edge of Spider-Verse #2 by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez, on sale September 17th, 2014 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

As spider-powered heroes from across all universes unite to battle back the threat of Morlun, meet a young girl from Midtown High who learned that with great power, comes great responsibility. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at September’s EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2, from critically acclaimed writer Jason Latour and rising-star artist Robbi Rodriguez! She’s smart, she’s tough, she’s charming and she can lift a car – she’s Gwen Stacy! Patrolling the New York City of her universe, she keeps the streets safe as the vigilante known as Spider-Woman! Just don’t tell her father, NYPD Police Chief George Stacy!

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A First Look at Avengers #30 by Walt Simonson

Your First Look at AVENGERS #30

Avengers #30 First Look

Here’s a first look at Avengers #30 by Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson from Marvel Comics coming in September.

Press Release

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Avengers #30!  With Cyclops and Emma Frost more powerful than ever, it’s looking more and more like the end of the world for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! But amidst all the chaos and battling, can the budding romance of Hawkeye and Spider-Woman survive the strain?

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