Uncanny X-Men #534.1Writer: Kieron Gillen

Pencils: Carlos Pacheco

Inks: Cam Smith, Dan Green, Nathan Lee

Colors: Frank D’Armata

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Editor: Jordan D. White, Daniel Ketchum, Nick Lowe

Cover: Carlos Pacheco, Cam Smith, Sotocolor

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Date: June 2011

Cover Price: $2.99


This issue is part of Marvels Comics’ POINT ONE initiative that provides a reader unfamiliar with the title a starting point to begin reading it.

Kate Kildare, the superhuman public relations specialist, needs to spin a story that may be incendiary if released without warning. The story being the fact that Erik Lensherr aka Magneto, the world’s most hated mutant, has joined the Uncanny X-Men. She must work her PR skills in order to save mutants from possible attacks by humans if the story is conveyed in the wrong light. But Magneto isn’t one for change and doesn’t care what humans think of him. He resists effort by Kate to urge him to change his appearance and seem ‘nicer’ on the outside.

While this is happening, A.I.M. agents are extorting money from corporations who are trying to prevent them from creating a catastrophic earthquake in San Francisco. These agents aren’t who they seem to be and are keeping the millions of dollars in extortion money for themselves – and have disappeared. Sadie Sinclair, the Mayor of San Francisco, calls upon the X-Men to find them and to stop the earthquake from being triggered. They have just ONE hour to do so or the city faces massive devastation.

Kieron Gillen crafts a well written X-Men story. Even though there’s action in the story, it’s really about Magneto; how even though he puts up a tough exterior, in his heart he truly cares about people. Sometimes he needs a really good PR person to bring that across! After this event, some humans may see him in a different light.

Carlos Pacheco’s art is on par with the story. Then again, he always does a great job. Although I find it hard to believe that Emma Frost found the time to go from beltless short-shorts to one with an X belt on them. They only had one hour to save San Francisco! Maybe the Blackbird has an extra wardrobe closet?

As an intro point for new readers, it does a fine job by being a somewhat self-contained story. Magneto is also fleshed out a bit for those that don’t know him, but some past references will be unknown to most. That’s ok because it just generates more interest in the character and those that want to know have plenty of resources to find out.

– The Comic Book Critic

Comic Book Critic Rating: 7.0