#Whiletheylive Wednesday #3 – John Byrne

Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing, started a Twitter initiative called “While They Live Wednesday” in response to the sudden passing away of comics professional Dwayne McDuffie. McDuffie was a young, talented, and often underappreciated creator in the comics and animation industries.

Using the hashtag #whiletheylive on Twitter, fans can celebrate industry professionals while they are still alive to appreciate the kind words.

The celebrated industry pro for Wednesday March 9th, 2011 is John Byrne.


I grew up reading a LOT of John Byrne comics. His run on the X-Men with Chris Claremont was some of the best I have read, and they made the X-Men and Wolverine more popular than ever. His 6 year run on the Fantastic Four revitalized the group and brought energy back into the title. DC brought him into the fold to revamp Superman after Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m leaving out a great amount of work that he’s done like Namor, Wonder Woman, Alpha Flight, Next Men, etc.

What do you think of John Byrne? Leave a comment here or tweet them with #whiletheylive.

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