WILD ROVER by Michael Avon Oeming Debuts in DHP #14 this July


Press release

The latest apologue to debut in Dark Horse Comics’ legendary anthology brings out the darker side: Michael Avon Oeming’s Wild Rover!

Wild Rover premieres in Dark Horse Presents #14 (a 104-page giant issue!). The two-part tale provides a very intense and interesting look through the comic medium at addiction and dealing with alcoholism.

“I’ve been a fan of Dark Horse Presents since I was a kid—it’s where I learned about artists like Moebius and my first exposure to creator owned works, which exploded later with the Legend line,” said Oeming. “I’m proud to launch the first of my ‘true-fiction’ stories with Wild Rover in Dark Horse Presents. Though told through fantasy, much of it is based on my experiences or those that my mother has gone through. I could only trust Dark Horse Presents with such things.”

Oeming received the Eisner Award for Best New Series in 2001 for his work on Powers. He also received the Eagle Award in 2006 for Favorite Writer/Artist. In addition to Wild Rover, Dark Horse has announced Oeming will be writing and drawing a very adult superhero adventure series, The Victories, to be released later this year.

Check out Wild Rover in Dark Horse Presents #14, on sale July 18!


– The Comic Book Critic

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