Win A Job At DC Entertainment by Assisting Suicide

Help Harley Quinn Kill Herself & Win A Job!

Harley Quinn

DC Entertainment is running an open talent search for up and coming artists and all you have to do is draw a page with Harley Quinn committing suicide. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

Well, you can read about it here!

It’s bad enough that Harley Quinn is the sexy, comedic poster child for abused women, but now you can win a contest by making her death “cool” enough for DC’s editors.

DC Entertainment’s judgment with this contest is very suspect. Whose idea was it and how did it make it all the way to the final stages of a contest. Really, DC? Suicide as a contest subject? This really has taken me aback.

Currently, more people are dying from suicide than from car accidents according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. A recent New York Times article claims that suicide rates in the U.S. have risen sharply. Amazingly, more people are committing suicide now, than during the Great Depression. Yet this is the route that DC decides to take when running a contest? Seriously?

With so many millions of people dealing with depression and facing economic hardships in our current time, I find it disgusting that DC Entertainment has made this call. With all of the possible single page subjects that they could have chosen, the contemplative suicide of an exploited abused woman is quite possible the worst they could have done.

It was bad enough when we were all made aware of the “Women in Refrigerators” culture at DC by Gail Simone; but, this not only perpetuates the decades long plot device, it makes it worse.

By the way, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio think that “Breaking into comics was never this fun” and will personally select the winner. Good going guys, I’ve lost respect for you now.

Oh, and did we mention that we’ll be reviewing the submissions ourselves to personally select Harley Quinn’s new creative accomplice?

Harley Quinn. One page. Published work. Breaking into comics was never this fun. ;)

Jim & Dan


Shame on you Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, & DC Entertainment. I want to see how you spin this one.

What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to know!


– The Comic Book Critic

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