LIBERATOR By Lou Ferrigno Goes From Screen To Comic Book In August 2013

Lou Ferrigno’s Award-Winning “Liberator” Makes The Jump From The Silver Screen To The Comic Book Page

Lou Ferrigno Liberator

Liberator, the superhero short film by Lou Ferrigno, will become a comic book in August 2013 from Bluewater Productions.

Press Release

The buzz over Lou Ferrigno’s award-winning superhero short film LIBERATOR (, which continues to pack houses at film festivals and comic conventions, and has won two Best Picture awards along the way, has skyrocketed with news of Bluewater Comics’ launch of the “Liberator” comic book series.

The film, which not only stars Ferrigno, but also Peta Wilson (“La Femme Nikita“), Michael Dorn (“Star Trek: The Next Generation“), kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Ed Asner (“Up“), will take on new life in the comic, written by Liberator co-creators Jim Cirile (Writer/Executive Producer) and Aaron Pope (Writer/Director), with art by acclaimed graphic novel artist Gerry Kissell (“Code Name: Geronimo“) and Jon Woodard.

The special edition 2-issue comic series continues and expands the story from the short film and will feature likenesses of the actors, making the comics a must-have for genre fans.

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Survivorman Les Stroud Gets His Own Comic From Bluewater In Fall 2013

Discovery Channel’s  “Survivorman”

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Survivorman Les Stroud

Press Release

Les Stroud must rely solely on his extensive survival skills to survive up to seven days alone in remote locations. Serving as a one-man camera crew, Stroud ventures to the far reaches of the world—from the desolate, frozen tundra of Arctic Canada to the barren, desert wastelands of the Australian Outback. This sort of isolation can be extremely trying and Stroud must remain calm at all times depend on his physical and mental strength. He is a real life superhero, the perfect subject for Bluewater Production’s newest adventure comic.

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