35 Amazing Comic Book Tattoos

Amazing Comic Book Body Ink Work

Infinity Guantlet Tattoo


In the past, we’ve posted many great works of comic book related ink work but it seems like more amazing tattoos are to be found every day.

Fans of comics have a deep love and appreciation of their favorite characters and artists, so there’s no better avenue than a tattoo to show it off to the world.

Here are 35 more amazing comic book tattoos for you to check out. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Note: If you know who did the ink work or who wears the art, let us know so we can properly credit their work,


Green Lantern TattooFlash TattooFlash TattooFlash TattooBatman TattooComic Book full back tattooJoker tattooCatwoman tattooHulk, Captain America, & Wonder Woman tattooTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattooCaptain America tattooTank Girl tattooHulk tattooTank Girl tattooTank Girl tattooGreen Arrow tattooFantastic Four vs The Hulk tattooWolverine by Frank Miller tattooBatman: The Killing Joke tattoo (Joker)Comic Book tattoosComic Book tattoosComic Book tattoosComic Book tattoosHellboy tattoosGambit tattooJoker tattooTwo-Face tattooSpider-Man tattooThanos & The Infinity Gauntlet tattooVenom tattooMagneto tattooNightcrawler tattooWolverine claw tattooHulk smash tattooComic Book tattoos


–  The Comic Book Critic

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