Preview: Black Cloud #2 by Latour, Brandon, & Hinkle (Image)

Black Cloud #2 Preview (Image)

Black Cloud #2


Here’s a 5 page preview of Black Cloud #2 by writers Jason Latour & Ivan Brandon and artist Greg Hinkle, on sale May 10th, 2017 from Image Comics.


Black Cloud #2

Story: Ivan Brandon, Jason Latour
Art / Cover: Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson


Zelda has a knack for finding trouble, and as she slips away from the consequences of her actions in the Outside, new dangers find her in New York.


U.S. Cover Price: $3.99
Published: May 10, 2017
Diamond ID: MAR170739


Black Cloud #2 CoverBlack Cloud #2 Preview 1Black Cloud #2 Preview 2Black Cloud #2 Preview 3Black Cloud #2 Preview 4Black Cloud #2 Preview 5

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