For those of you who run Windows on their PC and either read and/or maintain a collection of eComics, there is one program that I HIGHLY recommend – ComicRack!

It’s easily the best eComics reader / organizer that I have ever used.  Not only can you read and maintain your collection of eComics with it, but you can also edit information about each book, it will also ‘scrape’ the information from another site so that you won’t have to manually enter it. You can adjust the colors and contrast for each comic, adjust page layouts, and even batch convert them into other formats. It’s just simply amazing what this program can do. Best of all , it’s FREE!

I’ve used it for a very long time now and there aren’t many programs that I can recommend as highly as this one. I have no affiliation to the site or programmer, I just want those of you who have never heard of or used this program to try it out and see what you’ve been missing! Hopefully it’ll make your eComics experience all that much better.

You can download ComicRack from If you really enjoy it, help keep the project alive with a small donation.

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