First Look at Mighty Avengers #10 by Al Ewing and Greg Land

A Funeral For Uatu in MIGHTY AVENGERS #10
– a Tie-In to Original Sin!

Mighty Avengers #10

Here’s your first look at Mighty Avengers #10, an Original Sin tie-in, by writer Al Ewing and artist Greg Land, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale May 28th, 2014.


Press Release

This May, the Blue Marvel grieves for the passing of The Watcher in MIGHTY AVENGERS #10 – a tie-in to Original Sin! From the fan-favorite creative team of Al Ewing and Greg Land – the Watcher has many enemies, some that would go so far as to murder him in cold blood. But he also has friends. On the moon, Adam Brashear honors the memory of one of his dearest friends and the gaping hole he leaves behind in the Marvel Universe. And a chance encounter with an old flame from Uatu’s past will reveal startling secrets the Blue Marvel never knew about the cosmic entity!

On Earth, the ghostly Deathwalkers have risen, stronger than ever. Closing in for the kill, Blade fights for his life against hordes of supernatural foes. But his best may not be enough. And the secret to defeating them may lie in a secret that’s better left buried. Don’t miss the explosive start to the story that will turn the Mighty Avengers on their heads when they crash headlong into Original Sin this May in MIGHTY AVENGERS #10!



Written by AL EWING
Cover by GREG LAND
Teaser Variant by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (MAR140635)

FOC – 05/05/14, On-Sale 05/28/14

Mighty Avengers #10 CoverMighty Avengers #10 Cover - Francavilla VariantMighty Avengers #10 Preview 1Mighty Avengers #10 Preview 2Mighty Avengers #10 Preview 3


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