Preview: COLONY Graphic Novel (IDW) by Bob Layton & Dick Giordano

Preview of Colony by Layton & Giordano!

Colony GN

We present a 12 page preview of Colony, a Graphic Novel by Bob Layton & the late Dick Giordano, from IDW Publishing. Based on the hit web comic, Colony features the last artistic work by the great Dick Giordano!

Colony will be available on Halloween, Wednesday October 31st, 2012.


Bob Layton (w) • Dick Giordano & Bob Layton (a) • Brad D. Nault (c)

Condemned for a crime he didn’t commit, Scott Landus is sentenced to life without parole on COLONY– a galactic "Devil’s Island" where the fascist Galactic Confederacy disposes of its human and alien refuse. Colony is a science-fiction allegory to the founding of Australia… as hardened career convicts, alien species, and political dissidents from Earth band together to overthrow their technologically superior captors.

TPB • FC • $24.99 • 164 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-521-9

Bullet points:

· Over ten years in the making! Colony is based on the popular web comic created by legendary Iron Man co-author/artist Bob Layton and drawn by the late, great Batman illustrator, Dick Giordano.

Colony GN CoverColony GN Preview 1Colony GN Preview 2Colony GN Preview 3Colony GN Preview 4Colony GN Preview 5Colony GN Preview 6Colony GN Preview 7Colony GN Preview 8Colony GN Preview 9Colony GN Preview 10Colony GN Preview 11Colony GN Preview 12

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