Preview: Indestructible #1 by Kline, Garron, and Garcia

Preview of Indestructible #1 (IDW)

Indestructible #1

Here’s a preview of Indestructible #1, written by Jeff Kline and illustrated by Javi Garron & Salvi Garcia, courtesy of IDW Publishing – on sale December 11th, 2013.


Indestructible #1 (of 4)

Jeff Kline (w) • Javi Garron & Salvi Garcia (a) • Jose Lopez (c)

Meet Greg Pincus — the planet’s brand-spanking-newest Superhero. One small problem: Greg is neither super, nor particularly heroic.  But, he sure enjoys the perks that come with the job.  Can Greg survive in a celebrity-obsessed world that wrongly believes he’s indestructible?

Jeff Kline (Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades) explores this comedic take on a reluctant hero, and contemplates what is required to be considered “special” in a world where fame can come and go faster than a speeding bullet.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

· The first offering from David Wohl’s new Darby Pop imprint!

Indestructible #1 CoverIndestructible #1 Preview 1Indestructible #1 Preview 2Indestructible #1 Preview 3Indestructible #1 Preview 4Indestructible #1 Preview 5Indestructible #1 Preview 6Indestructible #1 Preview 7Indestructible #1 Preview 8


– The Comic Book Critic

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