Preview of WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 (BOOM!)

WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview (BOOM!)

WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1


Here’s a short preview of WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 by Dennis Hopeless, Ross Thibodeaux, Rob Schamberger, Derek Fridolfs, Dan Mora, Rob Guillory, & Daniel Bayliss, on sale November 9th, 2016 from BOOM! Studios.


WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1

Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Ross Thibodeaux, Rob Schamberger, Derek Fridolfs
Artists: Dan Mora, Rob Schamberger, Rob Guillory, Daniel Bayliss, Derek Fridolfs

Main “Now” Cover A – Dean Ambrose: Dan Mora
“Then” Intermix B – Stone Cold Steve Austin: Eric Powell
Main “Now” Cover C – Roman Reigns: Dan Mora
“Then” Intermix D – The Rock: Juan Doe
Main “Now” Cover E – Seth Rollins: Dan Mora
“Then” Intermix F – Triple H: Matías Bergara
“Forever” Incentive G – Undertaker: Frazer Irving


Building off the buzz from the partnership announcement prior to San Diego Comic-Con 2016, WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 delivers authentic Sports Entertainment featuring WWE Superstars to comic readers!

This oversized issue contains the WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2016 one-page comics along with a wealth of new content, celebrating the versatility and diversity of WWE throughout its various eras.

Includes the 20-page story “The Breaking of the Shield” by Dennis Hopeless and Dan Mora, where Seth Rollins chose to betray his brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at the behest of Triple H and the Authority; a short story featuring The New Day by Ross Thibodeaux and Rob Guillory; a Sasha Banks story by Rob Schamberger; and a Tugboat short by Derek Fridolfs.

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99


WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover A - AmbroseWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover B - Stone ColdWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover C - ReignsWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover D - RockWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover E - RollinsWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover F - Triple HWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Cover G - UndertakerWWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 1WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 2WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 3WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 4WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 5WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 Preview 6


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